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Home Security System-HSS

Home Security System-HSS

Cereals Detoxation Incubator

Cereals Detoxation Incubator

  • 3D Enclosure designing & Printing
    3D Enclosure designing & Printing

    3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process of creati...

  • Software Development (IoT and Embedded)
    Software Development (IoT and Embedded)

    IoT (Internet of Things) and embedded systems software development are re...

  • Electronic Circuit Design
    Electronic Circuit Design

    Electronic circuit design is the process of designing and creating elect...

  • Electronic System Analysis
    Electronic System Analysis

    Electronic system analysis is the process of evaluating an electronic sys...

  •  Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Development
    Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Development

    Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the base material for electronic device...

  •  Component Assembly and Soldering
    Component Assembly and Soldering

    Component assembly is the process of attaching electronic components to a...

  •  Real-time Prototype Testing
    Real-time Prototype Testing

    Real-time prototype testing refers to the process of evaluating and testi...

  • Electronic Projects Consultancy
    Electronic Projects Consultancy

    Electronic Projects Consultancy refers to the service of providing expert...

  • Professional Trainings
    Professional Trainings

    Professional training in electronics is a crucial aspect of becoming a sk...


Amani Niyoyita, a CEO and Founder of POLYSTAR NANOTECH Ltd Company, Launches new product called VISCANE for people who lives with blindness.

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Launch of multi stakeholder disability platform

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Smart white cane (VisCane) Launching ...

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Donation of Smart white Cane(VISCANE) at Blessing visually impaired

Musanze District


The smart white cane is a breakthrough solution to...

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