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Home Security System-HSS

Home Security System-HSS

Cereals Detoxation Incubator

Cereals Detoxation Incubator

Smart School Bell

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Automatic school bell systems are critical to the daily operations of a K-12 school.

Automatic school bell/college bell system which uses microcontroller, display unit (LCD) and real time clock setting that can be programmed and installed to ring the bell up to n-number times a day at your preferred hours and minutes. This is in accordance to the school schedule and timetable. The length of the bell ring can be set and changed in seconds; this determines the duration may take to ring loud.
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Project name
Smart School Bell

Time wasting

Year of development:

Due to the time wasting and analog system that used in most of the schools to manage exchange of teachers/facilitators in classroom. Remember, this duration, school periods, breaks and other timings are only set by AS/CBS Manufacturer, guided by the owner of the system following school schedule.

How its solved?
Polystar developed a unique and modern automated school bell which can be configured about time to tell the facilitators and teachers that its time to go in or out of the classroom.


1. It is automatic system.
2. Time reservation (at zero delay).
3. It has emergency manual operation.
4. It uses real GMT Time clocks.
5. Despite alarming, it has also display unit.
6. Human errors are avoided extremely.
7. Safety is assured.
8. It is much secured.
9. No one can change the timings set except manufacturer.
10. It tracks and keeps real time, even when there is no mains power supply (blackout).
11. It consumes low power (5V, 1000mA).
12. Occupies less space area.
13. It is less weight device.
14. Needs little maintenance.
15. Very sensitive and accurate (on time intervals).

Role The role of this system is to ring the school/college bell automatically and even manually


In Rwanda, school/college bells were rang by a certain student. As innovation, I created an automatic programmable device that can be used to do the same work mentioned above.